100mm Trioplan II

Bokeh as the Subject (in Photos and Writing)

One of the things I most enjoy about writing for this website is how much creativity it allows me. I started writing this post before, but ended up getting distracted and writing a much longer article about my relationship with bokeh. Honestly, what sort of a person has a relationship with bokeh anyway?!

The answer to that is someone like me. Someone who spends far too much time thinking (and writing) about photography rather than just doing. Of course, the doing does still happen. And ultimately, it’s going out taking photos that usually inspires me to put my thoughts on paper, so to speak.

Meyer Optik Görlitz f/2.8 100mm Trioplan II (The New Version) Review

The Meyer Optik Görlitz f/2.8 100mm Trioplan II has been brought back to market for the second time in the last few years. It’s a unique lens based on a vintage formula that’s known for crazy soap bubble bokeh, and has a bit of cult status and is loved and loathed in classic lens user circles. I’m quite intrigued by lenses like this, so was very pleased when OPC Optics, the new owners of the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand agreed to loan me one to review.

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