28mm Lens

Ampro MC 28mm f/2.8 – A Few Frames with the Worst Lens Ever?

I am a man with many interests and hobbies.  Beyond just collecting and using cameras I also like to repair them.  Sometimes even successfully.

I acquired a Ricoh ZR-20sp for repair.  I am still amidst researching and finding the time to take it apart and fix its ailments. With this purchase came with an excellent Rikenon 50mm f/2.  Affectionally hailed as the Cheap Man’s Summicron.  We will see about testing that one day…  Also with it came a curious off-brand wide-angle prime.  I was excited as I lack wide-angle primes as a whole.  And the 28mm focal length is one often marked as a great over-all companion especially by street photographers.  This focal length would also work as a great ‘normal’ field of view on my Pentax K-7.

TTArtisan 28mm f/5.6 Review – by Vincent Bihler, Dave Young and Hamish Gill

Unusually, this review has 3 authors. I (Hamish) was sent the TTArtisan 28mm f/5.6 lens to try a few months ago. Not long later, Vincent got in touch to say he was going to review it for this website too. I soon suggested we combine our efforts. I then became incredibly busy with work, and …

TTArtisan 28mm f/5.6 Review – by Vincent Bihler, Dave Young and Hamish Gill Read More

An Industar-69 mounted to a Fuji X-Pro3.

Industar-69 (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review – A Dreamy, Compact Wonder – By Don Goodman Wilson

The Industar-69 (Индуста́р-69) is a strange but beguiling beast. Originally designed for the Chaika (Чайка) camera, it wasn’t really meant to be used with other cameras. The original Chaika’s lens wasn’t removable; on later models it was affixed with an M39 thread, apparently with the intent that photographers could mount it on an enlarger for printmaking. This intent might be apocryphal, I can’t properly tell. There’s not a lot of primary sources of information on this lens out there on the interwebs that I can find, only a handful of people repeating the same information.

Nippon Kogaku W-Nikkor.C 2.8cm f/3.5 LTM

Nikon (Nippon Kogaku) W-Nikkor.C 2.8cm f/3.5 LTM – Nikon’s Tiny Gems, pt 2 – By Agata Urbaniak

This review is going to look at the W-Nikkor.C 2.8cm f/3.5.The W-Nikkor 3.5cm f/2.5 I covered in part 1 of this short series exceeded expectations. Reading about a lens is one thing, but using it is quite another. And just because a lens looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily mean it will appeal to a particular photographer and make them get out there and shoot. A lot of the time aspects that have little to do with optical quality, such as size, can set a lens apart from similar offerings. And if pocketable camera gear floats your boat, it doesn’t get much better than the W-Nikkors for LTM.

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