Abstract Photography

Paint splatters in Frank Benson barn/studio

Everyday Abstracts: A Frank Benson “Splatter-work” (One-Shot Story)

In 2018, our friends Peter Engeldrum and Carol Keller invited Kate and me to spend a few days with them on Maine’s North Haven Island. It proved to be a more productive visit than any of us anticipated. First… A “Found” Abstract During a tour of the American Impressionist Frank W. Benson’s island summer home …

Everyday Abstracts: A Frank Benson “Splatter-work” (One-Shot Story) Read More

Creating Abstract Landscapes with a Kaleidoscope Filter

This article includes tips and example images for creating abstract landscapes with a kaleidoscope filter. The prism I used for this is from PrismlensFX. It is called the Subtle Handheld Kaleidoscope. Here I have focused the attention toward landscape photography but this technique can still be applied to portraits, still life, or any other photo …

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Infrared Courtyard and Ornamental Gate

Everyday Abstracts – From Italy’s Lake Region

Many photographers love abstract photography. And why not? Subjects are everywhere and almost demand capture. In fact, you may well have your own favorite subjects that you can’t not shoot. Like: Wall graffiti/murals Signs/posters Store windows Museum/gallery exhibits Brick/paver patterns Bathroom tiles Architectural details Manhole covers Vehicle details Light fixtures/effects Shadows Landscape elements Super-macros Close …

Everyday Abstracts – From Italy’s Lake Region Read More

Hokkaido rusting steel panels

Age or Beauty? – 1: Modern Art Painted by Nature

When I first went to Hokkaido I was taken to Shinzo Maeda’s gallery in Biei. I was impressed by his style and images and, like many other landscape photographers, I later went to live in Biei, opened a gallery and took some poor imitations of Maeda’s style. I was young and immature, in my 40’s. I soon realised there were 100 other galleries nearby, most containing imitations of Maeda’s style but (with a couple of notable exceptions) two or more ranks down. I had to do something different.

Traces – A Photography Project – By Stefan Aune

The inspiration for this project came from a photographer named Michael Somoroff, who made a project called “Absence of Subject“. He took the legendary photographer August Sander’s monumental work “People of the 20th Century” and simply erased the subjects, putting the background in primary focus.

To me Landscape Photography in general is not very interesting unless something unexpected is added to the picture. So when I started to add light to the scenes something happened. After that I used both subjects and light together.

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