Adox Film

5 frames with Pentax 110 and adox HR50 – By Victor Doroshenko

Once upon the time I were shooting my first real camera, Nikon D40, and passing by a local photo shop, had seen the diminutive Sony NEX 5. I was hooked on the mirrorless miniaturization mantra of the time, and got one. The problem though was lenses: there were not many! Especially a cheap 35mm equivalent (24mm) was missing. That started my dive into the legacy lenses world, and ultimately film photography. That’s also how I met the Pentax 110 system, which by chance, included also the smallest 24mm lens I’m aware of. It’s build around the world-smallest SLR (pictured above with 70mm lens).

Re-Acquainting with Adox Scala B&W Slide Film – By Ken Davis

A bit of background, I’ve been taking photos for more than 50 years starting with Prakticas (models FXII, IV and V) using a Prakticamat for many years, then a Chinon Memotron. I moved to Nikon in the late 1970’s early 1980s and stayed with Nikon until about 1997. I was however getting frustrated with the complexity of models such as the F90 that seemed to get in the way of my picture taking. I then tried a Leica M6 and was so impressed with how it put me in touch with my subjects. Since then I’ve gathered lots more Leica M’s and R’s but I kept all my previous cameras. I’ve then added lots more marques and models; I have an understanding wife! 

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