Adox HR50

Monastery of Varzaresti, Moldova – resistance through faith and tradition

Established as a principality in the mid-14th century, the small medieval state of Moldova is best known for its fierce resistance against the Mongols and Turks, up until the 17th century. In a 350 years span of continuous war (mid 15th century to late 18th), devastation, rebuild, and more war, Moldova was one of the main Christian …

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5 frames with Pentax 110 and adox HR50 – By Victor Doroshenko

Once upon the time I were shooting my first real camera, Nikon D40, and passing by a local photo shop, had seen the diminutive Sony NEX 5. I was hooked on the mirrorless miniaturization mantra of the time, and got one. The problem though was lenses: there were not many! Especially a cheap 35mm equivalent (24mm) was missing. That started my dive into the legacy lenses world, and ultimately film photography. That’s also how I met the Pentax 110 system, which by chance, included also the smallest 24mm lens I’m aware of. It’s build around the world-smallest SLR (pictured above with 70mm lens).

5 frames with Minox B and HR50 – by Victor Doroshenko

I stumbled upon it in a local camera shop, lying among the used gear, so small and beautiful. I just can not resist the brushed aluminium flair, even if I had no hope to actually use the camera at the time. The tiny Minox B was born in cold war era, and is often associated with the spies, however, it was actually designed by Walter Zapp for ordinary people, to be their true and faithful companion.

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