Adox Scala

5 frames in Villargordo del Cabriel, Spain on Adox Scala 160

When I have shot in film commercials for television and music clips with an Aaton XTR camera and Super 16mm format, I have always used negative film to be able to balance the lighting of the different shots. But when it comes to photography I prefer to work with reversal film, whether it’s color or black and white. There is something special about the slides and I like to see them in a light box, or projected on a screen where you can see all the richness of the image.

Re-Acquainting with Adox Scala B&W Slide Film – By Ken Davis

A bit of background, I’ve been taking photos for more than 50 years starting with Prakticas (models FXII, IV and V) using a Prakticamat for many years, then a Chinon Memotron. I moved to Nikon in the late 1970’s early 1980s and stayed with Nikon until about 1997. I was however getting frustrated with the complexity of models such as the F90 that seemed to get in the way of my picture taking. I then tried a Leica M6 and was so impressed with how it put me in touch with my subjects. Since then I’ve gathered lots more Leica M’s and R’s but I kept all my previous cameras. I’ve then added lots more marques and models; I have an understanding wife! 

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