Agfa 1035

Agfa 1035 – What Hamish’s Unloved Camera Did Next… An Ektachrome Adventure – By Dave Walker

Some people may remember Hamish’s post back in November 2018, about the Agfa Optima 1035 camera that was so nearly something he liked, but not quite there: The Agfa 1035 and a Confusion of My PreferencesWell, in the comments, I made a throwaway remark about being able to find it a good home if Hamish didn’t want it. Not expecting anything but a winky-face emoji, I was surprised when Hamish offered to send it to me!

Agfa 1035 Review – a Confusion of my Preferences

The Agfa 1035 is a wonderful piece of German Functionalist industrial design. It is a camera that consists of little more than what’s absolutely essential for its purpose. For this, I love it, but I’m rarely drawn to use it. So rather than simply review it, I thought I’d detail why I’ve found myself to have such a mixed response to it, and how it made me reflect on my preferences.

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