Andrea’s first steps into film

First Experiments in Home Developing Colour – My First Steps into Analogue – Part 5 – By Andrea Bevacqua

Carrying on my path of improvements, I wanted to experiment with colour films as well, so I decided to get myself onto Analogue wonderland and pick some up to try. Luckily I have the possibility to shoot 135 and 120 format, so I decided to give both a go. I was almost sure that I would get bad results from the 120 as I’ve never used ad TLR camera and wasn’t even 100% sure the camera I was planning to use was even in working order.

Some little improvements – My First Steps into Analogue – Part 3 – By Andrea Bevacqua

Following up my previous article, I was determined to iron some issues I identified in my process, hoping it would lead me to an improvement in my photos.

The biggest problems I recognised were the exposure, the scanning method (which is strictly connected to the post editing side of the images) and also I wanted to improve  – or at least see if I could make some difference – to the developing.

Honing In On Areas For Improvement – My First Steps into Analogue – Part 2 – By Andrea Bevacqua

Moving on from my first experiences, and having a lot of spare time, I was thinking how I could improve and enjoy more my journey. In doing so, I identified two main points. I needed to improve my exposure and improve my scanning method

Obviously, the development is another focal point, but at the moment it does not seem to be a big deal. The Cinestill Df96 is really simple and so helps a lot, and I want to proceed by tackling the steps that feel the most important/difficult to me.

Finding the digital bit more difficult – My first steps into Analogue – Part 1 – By Andrea Bevacqua

After some time, I am back into the world of photography. I’ve always been intrigued by analogue photography and especially by the dark room, but I have never attempted it. So, after a few years of digital, I thought it’s time to give it a go.

I am lucky enough to have a few vintage cameras in house, so all I needed was a starter kit for developing. I want to experiment with colour eventually, but for now, I am starting with B&W.

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