Argus Rangefinder

Argus C4

5 Frames with the Argus C4 in Michigan – by Sean Benham

The American Leica, no. A tough and durable rangefinder camera that has survived the decades with an awesome lens, yes. The 1950s made Argus C4 (aka C-Four as is written on the lens barrel) has a faster Cintar lens at f/2.8 than its predecessor C3 and goes to f/22; shutter speeds B, 1/10-1/300 with a leaf type shutter. They did make a more rare version of the C4 with a changeable lens, but most people know about the C44 that was standard with that option.

Argus C4

Argus C4 Review – My Experiences – by DaCosta

As a photographer for about 35 years, I’ve shot everything from 110 to 4×5, including instant. I’ve also shot digital for about 10 of those years, returning to film in 2014. During that time, I was introduced to my late father-in-law’s Argus C4. It intrigued me since it was an old rangefinder without the “bells and whistles” I’d become accustomed to with the modern film and digital SLRs I was using.

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