Canon P

How to Calibrate a Canon P Rangefinder (in my case, for use with Soviet lenses) – by Cameradactyl (Ethan)

I am a fan of quirky old soviet cameras.  I have had, loved, and broken a few Zorki 4 cameras over the years, and I love their lenses.  I own Jupiter 8, 9 and 12 lenses (50mm f2, 85mm f2, and 35mm f2.8).  I use the 35mm for more than 80% of what I shoot, but the Zorki viewfinder only really covers 50mm.  I am not down with a separate rangefinder and viewfinder window, it kind of defeats the purpose for me.  My friend (and former Soviet himself) Denis recommended a Canon P, which is infinitely more modern, and has 35mm frame lines and is still pretty cheap on ebay.  I think I bought mine for only two or three times the price of my Zorki, something like $125 with shipping from Japan.

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