Canon SLR

Canon EOS 3

Canon EOS 3 Review – The Good, The Bad, The Heavy

As with many young New Zealanders, my view on the world beyond our pacific isolation was formed on the images and articles presented in moth-balled National Geographic magazines. Generously saturated pictures of wildlife, political conflicts, and a variety intrepid explorations captured my imagination, inspiring me to seek out my own ‘Walter Mitty’ exploits. Every magazine had me captivated and as excited as I was to be emersed in the gritty and informative stories, I always gravitated toward the ‘you can buy this lifestyle’ advertisements. Sir Peter Blake’s moustache on a monohull brandishing his Omega Seamaster and Luis Mardens moustache diving for artefacts accompanied by his Rolex Sea-dweller. Canon and Nikons finest offerings were usually matched to a perfectly composed photo of the world’s largest, fastest and rarest animals.

Canon EF camera with a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 lens

Canon EF Camera review – The F-1’s Little Sibling – By Thomas

The Canon EF is a special film camera. Because of its name, if you type Canon EF in any search bar, you’ll find all the existing Canon EF lenses before you find anything about this camera. However, if you’re a seasoned computer hacker like me and add the terms film camera to the research, you may find some information about this nice piece of camera history.

Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1 Review – The Hater’s Guide – By Rich Stroffolino

It is perhaps underappreciated that because new 35mm cameras aren’t being made (or at least not produced in volume), we have changed how we evaluate these cameras as a community. When cameras were being produced like any other consumer electronic device, the longevity of a camera was less of a concern. But now, as we see once state of the art electronics fail over the decades, we’ve placed a priority on simplicity. This consideration makes once humble cameras into valuable objects in the film world.

Canon EOS-1

Canon EOS-1 Review – The Professional 1 – by Ray Goodwin

Autofocus SLR bodies such as the Canon EOS-1 are potentially, arguably, maybe overlooked. When one thinks about a 35mm SLR, it is often something along the lines of the Pentax K1000 or the Nikon F3. Granted, I am also guilty of this, as manual focus SLRs are great, and also again, arguably one of the best ways to get into film photography in general, as they offer a hands-on approach to image making. Whilst these are great, there are other options when manual everything becomes tiresome and tedious… if that can ever happen.

Canonflex R2000 – A mini-review of Rare Camera – by Meifei Tang

Hi there. I’m Meifei Tang. I live in Shenzhen, China. I’ve loved taking photos since I was a child. My first camera was the Keystone compact camera. My parents gave it to me on my 10th birthday. After that, I started to take a lot of photos of family events and other everyday things. This has led me to major in film at uni. However, I am not very keen on writing camera reviews, etc. but with the help of my friend, (some glasses of) Rosé, here I am typing and challenging myself to go beyond just browsing, reading, and consuming content about photography. This is, after all, my first stab at a camera review for a broader audience than my classmates and teachers in film school.

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