Canon Sure Shot M

5 frames of Delivering the Post with a Canon Prima Mini – by Tobias Eriksson

When the pandemic hit I was in the midst of my first winter working as a postman/mailman/brevbärare/whatever-your-preference. For the first four months, I sat on my bottom, all day, every day, driving like a madman.

Well, not entirely. The madman part is true but I had 90 minutes of not-driving in the morning to sort the mail and load the flimsy boxes full of letters and piles of parcels (of cat litter!?) into the boot. And I sat for almost ten minutes in the not-moving car for lunch at around 1:30 pm. For your information, working hours were 7:30 AM to 4:00-ish PM. No longer the early bird work of yore. At least here in Sweden.

Canon Sure Shot M Mini-Review & Auto-Flash Disable Modification

Just before Christmas I spotted a rather injured looking Canon Sure Shot M (otherwise known as the Canon Prima Mini) in a second hand shop in town. I’ve looked at these cameras a few times – mostly because they look quite nice and are quite small. This one didn’t look as nice, to be fair, but it was only £5, so I thought it worth a punt. As it turns out, it’s knackered nature would make it the perfect candidate for modifying/hacking it so it would never automatically flash.

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