Canon Powershots

Digital Negatives – The Power of CHDK on Canon Powershots – By Sean Benham

Film has always been the standard I measure against on the quality and color of digital imagery. The texture of grain with higher ISO, the colors rendered from the film — these are the characteristics I want my photos to take on. If you shoot RAW with digital cameras you get what most call the “digital negative”. This RAW file has all the data stuffed into it with no compression. The result is a larger image that you can fine tune more precisely.

Kolari Pocket with IRChrome Filter

Kolari Pocket & IRChrome Filter Review – Digital Aerochrome in a Tiny Package!

I suspect a large percentage of us film photographers will have heard of Kodak Aerochrome. It’s that film that renders foliage red/purple, costs an absolute fortune and is rare as hen’s teeth. What we might be less aware of in our analogue-bubble is Kolari Vision, a company who has managed to create the ‘IRChrome’ lens filter that when mounted on a full spectrum converted digital camera emulates the look of Aerochrome with only a need for basic post-processing.

Sound interesting? It certainly did to me! So I got in touch with Kolari to see if they would be interested in me reviewing their entry-level (gateway drug) ‘Kolari Pocket’ camera.

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