chroma Six:9

5 Frames of Lomochrome Purple With My Chroma Six:9 – By Sonny Rosenberg

Until very recently I’ve been only dimly aware of Lomography’s Lomochrome Purple. I think that in my mind, I must have filed it away as one of those gimicky films, like those with pre-exposed stars or lighting bolts that just don’t hold much appeal for me. No offence intended if you enjoy those films, they just don’t seem to be something that would hold my interest, although I have yet to try one…

5 Frames of HP-5 Overdeveloped in Seaweed – by Sonny Rosenberg

I love 35mm film photography, I really do. I love pretty much everything about it from shooting to developing, I don’t even hate scanning with my quite slow Plustek 8100. The slowness of the whole process gives me ample time to decide what I really think of a given image.

As much as I love 35mm, it’s been impossible for me to resist the draw of medium format, specifically 120 roll film, for basically one reason. The negatives, or even better, transparencies are unbelievably gorgeous! I think that when I did the math, 120 film came out to have about 600% more surface area than 35mm film, even though I might have the number wrong, it can’t be denied that 120 negatives and transparencies are humongous, humongously beautiful to my eye.

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