Cinestill 800T

Canon Eos 1V and Cinestill 800T

5 Night Photography Frames with a Canon Eos 1V – Cinestill 800T – Marco Manuzzi

I’ve always been a Canon guy, a digital one, and like many of us I’ve collected more than 10 EF lenses for almost every purpose. Since the pandemic breakout in 2020 I’ve started to re-explore the 35mm film world (thanks to a lucky find of a Nikon Coolscan 5000 buried in my basement), my first thought was: “since I own many EF lenses why not use them on a film EOS camera?” The first film camera was an EOS 650, perfectly compatible with all my lenses but with some caveats: 1 AF point, just 2 metering modes, no lcd backlight… you know, coming from a DSLR the drawbacks were a little disappointing.

Traces – A Photography Project – By Stefan Aune

The inspiration for this project came from a photographer named Michael Somoroff, who made a project called “Absence of Subject“. He took the legendary photographer August Sander’s monumental work “People of the 20th Century” and simply erased the subjects, putting the background in primary focus.

To me Landscape Photography in general is not very interesting unless something unexpected is added to the picture. So when I started to add light to the scenes something happened. After that I used both subjects and light together.

Cinestill 800T

Cinestill 800T – Filmstock Feedback – By Benoît Felten

My first contact with Cinestill 800T happened during a nighttime photowalk in Mong Kok organised by Camera Film Photo in collaboration with Take Kayo (@bigheadtaco on Instagram). I shot two rolls on my Canon A2 during that outing, and really loved the results. The neon lights were magnified by the tungsten rendering and for once the light drizzle was a boon, creating tons of reflections.

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