Contax G1

A Contax G1 camera

Contax G1 – Much more in-focus than out-of-focus – By Chantel Wakefield

“I loved owning one for two weeks until every photo came back out of focus.” This was a comment from a popular YouTuber under another popular YouTuber’s review of the Contax G1 35mm Rangefinder Camera. I won’t name names, but if you think about the first few film photography YouTubers that come to mind, he’s probably on that list.

For those unfamiliar with Contax G series, the G1 is a premium interchangeable lens camera made of aluminum and titanium. It was once described by TIME as “a thoroughly modern version of the classic Leica, proof that retro is the wave of the future.” Designed to be used with Carl Zeiss G-mount lenses, it cost over $2,000 when it was originally released in 1994. These days, a G1 camera body runs anywhere between $350-$500 on average, depending on the condition

Green Man Festival 2018 on Ten Rolls of Film, a Leica M4, and a Contax G1 – by Simon King

Recently I photographed an assignment which represents a personal milestone in my film photography story. It was the first time I had ever left London with nothing besides film cameras; with no digital fallback or access to any alternatives – only the cameras and film I decided I would need ahead of time. The event was Green Man Festival; Wales’ largest music festival.

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