Contax T2

Contax T2 viewfinder shot

Contax T2 Review – it’s chunky, it’s very expensive, but it’s good!

More so than any 35mm af/ae compact camera I have yet used, the Contax T2 feels the part in the hand. My very first impression of handling the camera was definitely a positive one! It actually feels bigger than it is, I was convinced it was bigger than my Fuji Klasse W, but if anything it might even be a touch smaller. I think it’s just the weight that makes it feel like a lot of camera. The “T” seemingly stands for Titanium, and frankly the thing feels like it has been whittled out of a solid block of the stuff! I had read comments online relating to its size and weight that had put me off, but whilst it is on the large side, it is still very much a compact camera…

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