xpro sensia 200

Breaking my Xpro Cherry

I put a roll of Fuji Sensia 200 in the new Contax T2 on Sunday. Admittedly when I first put it in I had thought it was a roll of superior; I was in a hurry and wanted some slowish colour film, I saw 200 and fuji and chucked it in the camera. After taking a few shots I spotted through the little window on the back that it was not what I had intended. I had actually been thinking of cross processing a roll of slide film recently as a friend has bought me a pair of rolls of Adox “color implosion”. Having not shot with anything like it before I figured I could have a practice with some old slide film and get a feel for the sort of subject I might like to shoot with it. With this in mind I decided to run with the Sensia for my day out with the family and see what turned out. I ended up shooting the whole roll in an hour or so, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Not necessarily my “thing” as such, but I think they have a charm to their look.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
Connie asleep in the car with murphy keen to get going.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
The dogs in the boot.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
Walking up the hills.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
About to run …

Xpro'ed sensia 200

Xpro'ed sensia 200
Clouds gathering above.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
The malvern hills.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
Blackberry picking.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
The dogs chasing.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
A fallen branch.

Xpro'ed sensia 200
A lone bench.

There are a few more in the set on flickr here

A bit of fun, and once I got into it I did enjoy the mentality of shooting with little real idea what the outcome would be.
Looking forward to getting a chance to get some of this Color Implosion shot now …

Cheers for reading


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10 thoughts on “Breaking my Xpro Cherry”

  1. now this is unexpected! you don’t usually see compact fanatics doing some xpro. 🙂
    I think the results are great~ always liked the subtle effects from fuji’s sensia.

  2. If xpro works then it’s great, but too often the results are just crap. But more often than not I probably make the mistake of shooting indoors which is even more unpredictable.

    1. I’m not convinced, I struggle to get past my own preconceptions … All I see is what I see when the lomo crowd do it… I can’t just enjoy it for what it is for my self. Silly really …
      I shan’t give up though, I think I have another couple of rolls, and the color implosion interests me!

      Indoors eh… I’ll give that a go then next 🙂

      1. The problem indoors is that the Fuji slide film gets even greener than normal. Obviously it’s possible to adjust the white-balance afterwards, but that’s a bit besides the point.

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  4. Fantastic! I love them all, especially “blackberry picking”.

    X-Pro, like anything else, when done right, has little respect for rules or preconceived notions. If it makse you feel good, do it!

    Man, I miss my Greyhounds. We had two and fostered for the rescue group for years, but I just have too many other dogs now.

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