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Canon 1Ds

Canon 1Ds Review – Happy 20th Birthday to One of the First Full Frame DSLRs – By Brian M Cox

Canon released the Canon 1Ds on September 24th 2002. It was one of worlds the first full frame DSLRs. It was also in sept of 2002 the US got its first Camera phone. Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake officially broke up. Nelly’s ‘Dilemma’ topped the US top 40 Charts. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the number one grossing movie. Social Media didn’t exist. 2002 was the last year film cameras outsold digital. It was a fascinating time for photography. Film and digital were at war. A 120 year old proven technology vs one still being developed. It’s a camera and a time in the history of photography that has been buried with the passage of time.


Leica Digital-Modul-R Review – ‘R’ You Ready for This? – My Passion Camera System – By Jarrod Sams

Picture it!  Cullowhee 2005.  I was amidst my second year in college.  It was also at this time that I was rediscovering my joy for photography.  Going to school in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina provided me with a magnitude of inspiration and splendor; and I wanted to capture it all.  I borrowed my …

Leica Digital-Modul-R Review – ‘R’ You Ready for This? – My Passion Camera System – By Jarrod Sams Read More

Nikon Df – Thoughts From a Film Shooter – by David Hume

I remember the immense hype around the Nikon Df just before its release in 2013 – teaser campaigns; leaked specs, mystery mock-ups. Then came a tsunami of derision and disappointment when the Df hit the market. I was one of the disappointed ones; when I saw its bloated form in a camera-shop window I did not even bother to go inside for a closer look.

Nikon D2H – Bidding On an Old Pro – By Wes Hall

The ordeal of buying used via eBay is certainly one to cherish, feel the tension wrack the mind and nerves as you buy into the hype of the sellers monologue about condition and reasons for giving you the chance to own their soon-to-be discarded. The list of cut and pasted facts that were from the brochure… the list goes on.

Canon 5d Classic

Canon 5D Classic Review – By Ray Goodwin

In this world of hundreds of auto focus points, phase detection, high ISO performance, burst rate nonsense; is less really more? Is it possible that the Canon 5D Classic, a decade old full frame DSLR, can hold up to the most modern of cameras? Can a camera that was first introduced when the XBOX 360 was about to be released really hold up today and be a competent shooter? I can probably answer those questions as I’ve been a Canon 5D Classic user for the past two years – I have racked up thousands of photographs and countless hours using one, so I thought I’d put together a bit of a review of this ageing DSLR.

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