13 April, 2024

A Custom Tailored Shirt

By Joseph Irvin

Style wasn’t always my thing, and spending a lot of money on a custom-tailored shirt wasn’t something I’d always wanted to do but in this case it was inevitabl...

1 March, 2024

Festivity of the Goat and “Canhoto”

By Paulo Monteiro

The village of Cidões has just 20 inhabitants. It’s located in Trás-os-Montes, in the northern inland of Portugal. Every year, on the Saturday after 31 October, ...

14 February, 2024

Home Run Towards Happiness – One Shot Story

By Joanna Uruchima

Last summer, I attended my first Chicago White Sox game with someone I was once close to at the time. I was always eager to attend their games, especially since I grew up playin...

11 January, 2024

The End of the Line

By Geoff Chaplin

Imagine a land where snow and ice cover the ground for five months of the year, where summers are short and cool, weather unpredictable, high winds and very heavy rain not infre...

31 October, 2023

Documenting Berlin, 2022-2023

By Marius Balayn

It starts around December 2021. My partner and I live in Toulouse. She works in an administration office, I’m a young lawyer. I’m the firm’s little hand, I wor...