Documentary Photography

Low Light Photography on the Morning of “Vaikasi Visakam”, with Ilford Pan F 50 – by Simon King

This year in mid-May Vaikasi Visakam (the birthday of Hindu Deity Murugan) saw a morning of communal ceremony before an auspicious foundation stone laying in the construction site of an extension to the temple grounds. The Milton Keynes Neath Hill Murugan Temple has hosted a growing community for some time, and will now be expanding physically in order to accommodate even further.

Overnight Curfew at Lviv Train Station, Ukraine – by Simon King

The writing and photographs here were written and photographed shortly after my arrival in Lviv, just before midnight which is during the imposed citywide curfew. Shared here is not a final or finished piece of documentary, but a single slice from a much larger body of work which I will continue to work on until it is ready to be published in full. The photographs are far from anything technically perfect, all made either at 1/second or lower on a bulb exposure, held as steady as I possibly could. There were only a few very dim lights in the station to work with until the sun rose.

Inherit the Land Book Cover; Man Collects Landfill Items Near Heavy Machinery

‘Inherit the Land’ by Jack Lueders-Booth – Review by Joshua Wright

Inherit the Land is the kind of documentary photography I aspire to create.

In this 96 page book, Jack Lueders-Booth explores the living conditions, the people, and the culture of settlements surrounding the municipal dumps of Tijuana, Mexico. In these dumpes, people live and survive surrounded by squalor and cast-offs. Life in poverty, sustained by the excesses of others.

The Field of Flags – by Simon King

The Field of Flags was a temporary monument, an installation along the National Mall during the 59th Presidential Inauguration in January 2021. Although it was heavily off limits during the inauguration itself I was able to spend some time there the day after, which was a surreal experience to document. I was in the area to document a politician as part of the project I was working on, but stopped at the field both before and after in order to incorporate some of the unique situations that were occurring.

Black and white photograph of two tombs in a lawn underneath trees in blossom, sun shining from the top right of the image

Spring Blossom in the Churchyard – a Mini-Project in Black & White – By Philip Ahlquist

In a small and unassuming corner of north London, you can find the ancient village of Hornsey. The history of Hornsey can be traced back to the 1200s, originally as a village surrounded by woods, and then by farmland, until urban London expanded to surround it in the second half of the 1800s. Like so many of London’s outlying villages, it passed into history, incorporated within the modern city.

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