Exa 500

5 Frames of Miniature Nostalgia with an Exa 500 – By Peter Roberts

My better half was recently and suddenly admitted to hospital with a previously unsuspected medical condition. I’m glad to say that she responded to treatment and was discharged after a week with a course of medication and instructions to take it easy for a time.
So while she rested upstairs for a couple of hours in the afternoons I retreated higher up. To the loft, where for some time I have been building a model railway.

5 Frames with an Exa 500 – by Dale Willetts

This is a fairly new addition to my collection. I bought my Exa 500 just this year at the Photography show at the NEC in March. Every year at the show I always manage to add a camera (or five) to the ever growing collection. One of my first ports of call is always the Disabled photographers charity stand – this year was no different, and as usual my wallet was lighter but my bag was considerably heavier on leaving the stand.

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