Film Souping

Canon Sureshot A1, ready to go for a swim

Accidental Film Soup with a Canon Sureshot A1 – By Rob Orchard

I bought my first Canon Sureshot A1 back in 2010, to take away with me on a holiday to the Greek Islands. Since then it travelled the world with me, on trips to Cornwall, Iceland, India, Canada and Hawaii. Most of the time though it was used in the sea at Brighton, where I call home (although it takes great photos out of the water too). After ten years use though, sadly the shutter failed. It hadn’t had a bad innings and had served me well, so I scoured eBay for a replacement.

A Conversation between Film Soupers Amy Berge and Jen Stamps – By Holly Gilman

In this article I have the absolute pleasure of talking to Amy Berge and Jen Stamps. I discovered both of these photographers whilst researching the idea of souping film as they have each written articles for Shoot It With Film on the topic (and more besides!). When I reached out to each of them for advice they were so generous with their time and knowledge and, once again, they’ve given me their time whilst I, very self-indulgently, ask them questions about their practice.

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