Close up of Canon AE-1 35mm camera on desk

19 June, 2024

My First Five Rolls of Film (Ever)

By William Ryan

I didn’t mean to get into shooting film. It was never my plan, never something I set out to do. I certainly had no idea that the format was becoming popular again, or mor...

18 May, 2024

Looking Back at my First Roll of Film

By Paul Sutton

It was June 2015, the first month of Melbourne’s winter, and I had tired of digital photography. I had bought an entry level Nikon DSLR in January of 2015 as a move up fr...
Princess Anne Gardens, Dawley, Telford.

30 March, 2024

My Return to Film – More than Nostalgia

By Andrew Rudge

My return to film has become more than a nostalgia trip. Having grown up with film, learning how to develop and print at school in the 1970s, film filled my formative years. Lik...