Flatbed Scanning

Pentax MZ5 Kodak 200ASA Year 2000 (Uzbekistan)

Scanning/Digitising My Life – By Jordi Fradera

In normal times, moderately active people, whatever their age, have occupations and hobbies that fill their time – this freedom is essential and with it we can do a lot of things. But in the time of the Covid-19 we lack that freedom, boredom reigns and we have plenty of time. It feels like it is time to execute projects that were asleep. In my case, it has led me to make this article which details another time I found myself with more time on my hands.

Scanning from the emulsion; getting the most out of a flatbed scanner – By David Narbecki

I was asked recently my opinions around what I think is the best way to scan a large collection of slides? I replied by suggesting that they should have a lab scan it and not to bother with home scanning. This answer comes from my 4 years of mostly unsatisfactory home scanning experience, and the very specific way in which I display my photographs.

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