Fomapan 100

FOMA 100 Classic Biei

FOMA 100 Classic, and a Small Town in the Middle of Nowhere

Unless there is a manufacturing problem films do not have “faults”, they have “features”. So in the review below I shall mention some of the features of this film. Let me start by saying I like the film for its features, the fact that it dries completely flat, it’s from a manufacturer other than Ilford …

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Rolleiflex 2.8C

5 Frames at Ontario Place with a Rolleiflex 2.8C

When I was growing up in Toronto in the 1960s and 1970s, there are two endeavours by the Province of Ontario that I distinctly remember. One was a new provincial song for Canada’s centennial in 1967, an incredibly cheesy ditty called A Place to Stand. The other was Ontario Place, an amusement park that opened in 1971. The park had the usual rides and fast food, but also the Cinesphere, which is the world’s first IMAX theatre, exhibition pods build on stilts in the lake (very modern), an amphitheatre, a marina, and parkland. The site ceased operations as an amusement park in 2011, with only the amphitheatre and marina still functioning.

Dacora Digna

5 Frames with a Dacora Digna up Pen Y Fan

I like the idea of pinhole photography. Not sure why, maybe because it’s going back to the first pioneers of photography. After looking at various websites and posts I found reference to a pinhole converted Dacora Digna camera. The advantage was you can load 120 film and advance it so get 12 pinhole photos and also have daylight loading and unloading.

5 frames of Fomapan 100 with Dad’s second Ricoh KR10 Super on Jeju – by Simon Davis

When I was 12, I decided I wanted a decent camera. I was born in the past when you had to go to a library to find things out, like how a camera worked. Or ask someone or get a magazine or watch a tv programme. In the library I found a small paperback whose title and author I forget, but it was divided into two parts. The first was about using a camera, the second was about developing and printing black and white. I read the entire thing and thanks to that book, I learned how to use just about any camera plus working in a darkroom. Except I didn’t have either. The August 1984 edition of the monthly magazine What Camera? said that a £50 Praktica MTL3 was what my parents could afford, so for my thirteenth birthday that is what I received.

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