Fuji 400h

Rolleiflex 2.8 E medium format film camera

5 Frames with a Rolleiflex 2.8E at the Hannover City Park – by Christian Schroeder

I’m totally new to TLRs but I can already say that I really enjoy the shooting experience with them! So I’m happy to show you now five frames I took at the Hannover city park (“Stadtpark”), some of the first frames taken with my Rolleiflex 2.8E ever.

Since the outbreak of Covid, I have been avoiding travelling as much as I can. Apart from some rare and short family visits, my whole life has been taking place at home – and within a radius I’m fit enough to reach by bike. Well inside this circle sits our city park, less than four kilometers away from my house. I still try to see the situation as a challenge and a chance: revisiting places I’ve been many times before, peeling the onion and taking home some new impressions – even if they are relatively insignificant.

5 Frames with a Leica 35mm f2.4 Summarit-M, Leica M6 and Fuji Pro400H at EI400 – by Phil Harrison

I recently wrote a 5 Frames piece about the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM, extolling its virtues. Shortly afterward I suddenly decided I wanted a Leica 35mm lens on my M6! No logic in the decision at all. The only modern Leica lens I could possibly afford was a used Summarit-M, this model is from Leica’s “cheapest” range of lenses, however, it is not a budget lens and is built to the same high standards as the rest of the Leica ranges of lenses. These Summarit-M’s are quite rare as used items but luckily my local shop had a minter in stock. After what I thought was a positive deal part-exing my Zeiss, I was the new owner of this lens.

5 Medium Format Frames at the Happiest Place on Earth – By Eric Norris

I’ve been going to Disneyland in Southern California for… well, for a while. Suffice to say that when I started going with friends in high school, digital photography was decades in the future and if we took pictures, we used film.

My wife and I still enjoy Disneyland, and we try to get there as often as we can. A trip in 2020 was cancelled due to COVID, but in 2021 we got vaccinated, the park opened again, and we set off again for Anaheim, CA.

When we packed, I put several film cameras in my bag. It seemed right to focus such an iconic place on film, the way I did as a kid.

5 Frames of Canal Life with a Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM, Leica M6 and Fuji PRO400H – by Phil Harrison

I bought the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM over a year ago and had only put two rolls through the M6 in the last year. I went Yashicamat happy most of 2020. So it was a great relief to get out of the house and put a roll of the extinct Fuji PRO400H through the M6 in the last month. I’m very fond of this Zeiss lens, I had one on my M9 then M240 but it went when I sold all my digital gear for film gear.

Olympus XA and Fujicolor Pro 400H – A Favorite Camera/Film Combo – By Phil Calvit

I came of age in the ’70’s and ’80’s shooting film like the vast majority of other people did: you picked up your yellow box of Kodak 200 or 400 speed film at Walgreens, shot a birthday party or Thanksgiving or vacation on it, dropped the film back off at the same Walgreens, and a couple of days later were handed a packet with the processed negatives in plastic sleeves, and a pile of cheap prints that looked like s**t but served to document whatever event you’d hoped to document. You’d flip through them, perhaps show them to the other people who’d been present, then write “Xmas 1979” or somesuch on the packet with a Sharpie and dump the envelope into a storage box with the rest of them.

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