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Fujifilm X-Pro1 (converted to 850nm infrared) + W-Nikkor.C 2.5cm f/4 (Topogon)

Fujifilm X-Pro1 – Digital Infrared Zone Focus Viewfinder Camera – First Outing – by Agata Urbaniak

“I did a bad thing” I responded to my partner as they asked me what’s in the newly delivered parcel I received last Saturday morning. I really wasn’t going to buy any more stuff, at least not until I put some items on Ebay first. I should at least attempt to only spend what I …

Fujifilm X-Pro1 – Digital Infrared Zone Focus Viewfinder Camera – First Outing – by Agata Urbaniak Read More

FujiFilm E-550

FujiFilm E-550 Review – A Balancing Act – By Adam Kendall

The E-Series cameras from FujiFilm are, as I have come to realize, are simply complex. The E-500/510, E-900 and Fujifilm E-550 that sits between the two are both progression and compromise exemplified. I don’t get it. In some areas each model is more capable than the last, but in others, the cameras are less capable. Overall though, the E-550 falls right between the basic entry level E-500 and advanced E-900. More or less, this is a good thing.

FujiFilm E-900

FujiFilm E-900 Review – a Sublime Paradox – By Adam Kendall

The FujiFilm ‘E’ series of cameras offer the user a classic, straight-forward experience. This is especially true of the FujiFilm E-900 – the designers took what worked from the past models (a sort of digital rangefinder) and gave it a  proper boost. And a boost it was! The E-900 saw both cosmetic and performance upgrades that justified its price tag. In 2005 the camera was quite impressive, and to me, still remains so in 2020. In some respects, even more so than 15 years ago. Buying a second one at Charity Shop must mean something, right?

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Part Three: Four Days with Four cameras – By David Hume

Having used the Fuji X-Pro3 now for six months, it’s time for the final of this three-part series. To call this a review would be a bit strong. It began last year with Hamish suggesting that I put a few thoughts together after I’d mentioned this new camera to him in passing. So this is more like a series of observations and user experiences than a straight review (of which there are a million out there already.) But while my views are highly subjective and my use of the camera is narrow in its scope, Hamish and I both figured that this might be of interest to the 35mmc clan, starting with initial thoughts and then followed by a couple of updates about how the camera was working out for me.

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