Fuji GA645i

Fujifilm Professional GA645i and Velvia 50 in The Hindu Kush

Now, amongst the multitudes of cameras I bought, sold then regretted was a very special camera – being the Fujifilm Professional GA645i. You’ve all probably read about this and have seen Youtube videos, or you own one and love it! But I’ll relay my experience with it nonetheless. I bought this camera as I had been a very long time Contax G2 user and from what I read, this seemed to be the closest MF format (6×4.5) camera to that.

5 Frames and Farewell with Kodak Ektachrome 160T (120 / EI 160 / Fuji GA645i) – By David Hume

The Fuji GA645i is sitting on my desk looking absolutely gorgeous, about to be packed up and sent to its new home. It’s a camera I bought essentially because I was looking for newish roll film camera and I thought these Fujis were good value and I could not justify a GF670 which even a couple of years ago seemed insanely dear to me. (Wish I’d bought a couple then; I could sell them and buy an island.) But moving on, the GA645i is a camera that I think is great, but which does not suit the way I shoot.

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