Fujifilm C200

5 Frames with a Nikon AF600 & Fuji C200 in Venezia and Burano (Italy) – By Gregoire MBV

That isn’t really what this article was supposed to be titled.  If things had gone differently it would have been “Last of the Kodachrome”.

My life with 35mm photography began in HS in the mid 80’s with a class taken the spring of my junior year.  My first camera, one I still own and shoot with is a Petri 2.8.  You can read about it here.  It was a 1960’s era hand me down and I shot exclusively with it for a year and a half.  During this time, I found room for a bathroom darkroom with a Beseler 35.

The next big gear acquisition was when I graduated from HS.  My family of aunts and uncles knew what I wanted and indeed had been helping me with my passion since I got started.  Everyone pooled their collective monetary congratulations and I was able to purchase my first 35mm SLR.

Hunting boat

Appreciating what you already have with Nikon FE and Fuji C200 – By Jesper Reiche

Every Christmas I spent time with my parents that still live in a little town called Præstø, where I grew up. It is situated a little under 100 km south of Copenhagen.

I usually spend some extra days there relaxing in my childhood home together with my parents and enjoy all the amazing food served by them. But in order to have room for it all, I usually take my camera with me for a lot of walks around the town. As I grew up there and still visit a number of times during the year, finding new things or angles to photograph can be challenging. This day where these images were taken however the weather handed me a lot of motives on a silver platter. All I had to do was show up.


5 Frames with a Kiev 4M & a Helios-103 lens on Fuji C200 – by Chill_Grain

Starting out on film photography in eastern Europe is interesting, here you can find an absolute abundance of cheap old soviet cameras for sale. The soviets famously copied almost all the most popular western camera systems from brands such as Leica, Hasselblad, Contax, Zeiss, Pentax and others. What this left behind is the most fun you’ll ever have scouring through bazaars and online shops. Why? In search of hidden treasure of course, like the Kiev 4M that I managed to find one day for no more than $30.

5 Frames with a Revueflex AC2 – By Andrew Bogard

I’m addicted to finding decrepit film cameras and trying to breathe life back into them. My most recent venture took me to a nearby suburb where I agreed to pay 5 bucks for an SLR I’d never heard of – the Revueflex AC2 (aka Chinon CE-4). The seller claimed it was her grandpa’s and had no idea if it worked. I googled the camera and saw it had my preferred type of automation (it would choose the shutter speed based on what you chose for the aperture), and I thought, if I couldn’t repair it, at least it would be a pretty paper weight.

The London Arba’een Procession 2019 with Fujifilm C200 – by Simon King

On Sunday 20th October I was lucky enough to hear that the London Arba’een Procession was happening later that afternoon, and headed straight for Marble Arch. I took my Nikon FM2, which still contained the first of it’s test rolls, Fujifilm C200. I don’t usually like the idea of test rolls (I know some photographers who seem to exclusively shoot test rolls, and I’ve yet to see a “real” roll from them) but I had just replaced the light seals and wanted to be sure everything was in order.

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