Hasselblad 500C/M

Black and white photo of Hasselblad 500cm on bookshelf

5 Frames with a (possibly broken) Hasselblad 500cm – By Philip Ahlquist

The email from the lab came in two days before my long-planned holiday:

“We are contacting you to let you know that your film has been processed, but unfortunately it has come out blank. We’ve inspected your negatives and it seems that the film was not loaded properly in the camera, or there may be some issues with your camera which may need investigating!” ^

“Issues with your camera which may need investigating” – that is a stressful thought just before you go away for a break when you’re hoping to get some good images with the camera. With no time to take the camera to a technician and wait for an investigation and repair, I didn’t have many options. The only answer, as far as I could see, was to work out the answer myself. Since I’m not a technician, all I could do was load up a roll of black and white film which I could develop at home, and then shoot and develop it to check for problems. In no more than 48 hours.

Hasselblad with Credencial del Peregrino

5 frames with a Hasselblad on the Camino de Santiago – By Daniel Morales

A couple of years ago, having quit my job and with only 6kg of luggage I embarked myself on my first Camino de Santiago (also know as St. James Way in English), which would take me around 12 days on foot to accomplish (or approximately 240km). That time, I decided to take with me my Olympus Pen FT and just two rolls of film, which even then felt like a luxury to carry given the weight and space restrictions that the Camino imposes on its pilgrims.

Hasselblad and the Bronica – Comparing an Icon with a Forgotten Gem – By Dave Palumbo

The essence is this: I find myself with two 6×6 SLR systems from the 1970s. One of them was a staple of professional photography for half a century. The other was a rival that eventually faded away. 50 years on, there’s quite a gulf between them in reputation and price and this makes me really …

Hasselblad and the Bronica – Comparing an Icon with a Forgotten Gem – By Dave Palumbo Read More

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