Hasselblad Xpan-ii

Delving Deeper into Textured Double-Exposure – By Benoît Felten

So a few weeks ago, I shared an article on my process doing textured double-exposure portraits with my XPAN film camera. This is a series that I call Human Nature. Thank to all of you who commented and shared that article. It was the first time I had widespread feedback on the process and results, and it comforted me in the idea that it was an avenue worth exploring.

Shooting Textured Double-Exposures with the Hasselblad XPAN – By Benoît Felten

Ever since I got into photography a little over 10 years ago, I’ve been fascinated with textures and patterns. While they don’t represent anything per se (at least most of the time), there’s something that draws me into these near abstract shots, but I’ve never quite managed to express it in my photography. It remained a peripheral interest of mine as a consequence.

Finding my way in photography Part 2 – My first steps shooting film – Guest Post by Nick Holt

In my first post I took a look back at a couple of years snapping away with my Ricoh GR digital camera. I submitted that post to 35mmc as it was around the time I had decided to scratch my itch for a film camera. I had recently pushed the button on a Hasselblad Xpan …

Finding my way in photography Part 2 – My first steps shooting film – Guest Post by Nick Holt Read More

Hasselblad xpan-ii

Hasselblad Xpan-ii – A personal review – The dream that didn’t come true

I had high hopes for the Hasselblad XPan-ii, I genuinely felt that it had the potential to provide me with a unique perspective, that it might challenge my framing, enable me to shoot frames that felt cinematic, and even give me a sense of medium format photography with 35mm film. Actually, it did all of those things on the odd occasions I used it, the problem was, I hardly ever picked it up.

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