Hedeco Lime Two on Leica M4-p

Hedeco Lime Two Low Profile Shoe Mount Light Meter Review

I’ve just received a pair of brand new Hedeco Lime Two light meters. As you might gather from the name, this is the second iteration of the Lime meter from the German brand, and whilst it might not be a revolutionary step forward, it does definitely represent a significant polishing of an already well rounded light meter.

As you can see when comparing the first version of the meter, the Lime One, with this new Lime Two meter, the basic design is pretty much the same. To that end, if you’re interested in a bit of background, I would recommend you read my first article here. That said, one thing this is worth noting is that the Lime One meter I previously reviewed was a late prototype. Though, as far as I know, the version that was delivered to customers after the kickstarter wasn’t all that different. As I’ve mentioned, this new version isn’t massively different either, but it does come with a few tweaks and improvements that make for a product that feels more mature.