Ilford Delta 100

Nikon FM3a Voigtlander 90mm Red 25 Filter

5 frames with Ilford Delta 100 and a Red 25 filter – By Gus

Early on a sunny autumn Saturday, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood to experiment with Ilford Delta 100, a new lens, and a Red 25 filter.

I started my film photography journey in the spring of 2022. I have followed a three-pronged approach to learning film photography: I bought as many different films as I could, I read as many books and articles as I could, and I brought a camera everywhere.

Development Note – 30ish Year Expired Black and White Film – by Simon King

My brief time playing with expired colour film was not rewarding. Too much is left to chance, out of my control, making for unpredictable results. Black and white meant I would have a little more ability to tweak things at each stage of use, where with colour I only really control exposure. Expired black and white film is often available for cheaper than colour, which means I can spend less to experiment more, and really refine the results.

A black-and-white photograph of the Quiraing mountain range and dramatic cloud formations on Skye in Scotland.

The Black & White Threshold – Photographing Scotland’s Skye and Assynt – By Jasper T Kauth

Photographs can be a bit like poems. There are those that speak to you in such a personal way and evoke such strong feelings, and yet you might be unable to put into words just what exactly it is about them that sparks all those emotions. That is the case for me, at least. Whenever I am out and about in nature, trying to capture a scenery on film, I have to think of W S Graham’s poetry. And whenever I read or listen to one of his poems while sitting at home, I am transported to those settings that are closest to my heart: the Hebrides, including the Isle of Skye, and Assynt, the northwesternmost ridges of the Highlands. His poetry creates a certain pull: a strange and phantastic wish to pack my bags and travel to the far reaches of Scotland.

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