Ilford Delta 3200

Pentax MX and Ilford Delta 3200

5 frames with my Pentax MX and Ilford Delta 3200 on a Bright Summer Day – By Armando Caballero

I know that you normally would not expect to find the words “Ilford Delta 3200” and “bright summer day” in the same sentence. But let me tell you the story of how I ended up shooting this film stock normally used for poor lighting conditions on one of the brightest days of the English summer.

The date was the August bank holiday of 2022. The place… the Isle of Wight. I travelled down South with some of my friends to spend the long weekend. Being the passionate street photographer that I am I took two of my cameras with me. My Fujifilm XT2 mirrorless digital camera and, the star of this article, my trusty Pentax MX.

Viewing a concert through a cell phone screen

Trying Concert Photography on Film – By Billy Sanford

I’ve been making photographs for most of my life. The first three decades on film, but it was always the traditional usage – family trips, memories with friends, special occasions. I bought a digital SLR when they came out, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I began to try and learn the basics of photography and to take pictures as an activity in and of itself. Coincidentally at that time I had several friends who were in bands. Those bands would play in local clubs on the weekends, and I would go to support them and bring along my camera. I thought it would be a great way to learn some of the basic skills as it relates to all the elements of the exposure triangle. And it was. As a result, those are times I’ve looked back on. Not just for the fun of seeing my friends performing on stage for a crowd. But for how those moments helped my own growth.

5 Frames with Delta 3200 and a Nikon FE – By Jamie Winder

I have a habit of picking up rolls of film that I’d like to try, without necessarily having a purpose in mind. Even once I’ve filled my airtight plastic tub, I buy more rolls faster than I can shoot them. I do the same with books: buy the ones that interest me when I see them (in case I don’t see them again), then spend the next 3 months flicking at my phone whilst they pile up. I’m trying to be better; at some point, I will shoot only HP5 and FP4, or so I tell myself. In the meantime, I have a tub of film to get through.

Disney-fied Times Square

Shooting Stardust with Ilford Delta 3200 and a Minolta SRT 100 – By Stephen Badolato

Photography—film photography in particular—brings a lot of heartache. Your eyes see something worth preserving and the final result never seems to capture it the way you remember it. Add in aperture, shutter, focusing, and metering and you find yourself pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it. It’s a miracle anything resembling fleeting moments are emulsified, but sometimes when the stars are aligned, you get something magical. At worst, you just get an image.

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