Ilford SFX

5 frames from Ecuador with a Nikon FM2n & Ilford SFX – By Jorge Carmigniani

My name is Jorge Carmigniani, I am a documentary photographer from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I travel the country searching for images that describe our way of living in relationship with nature.

Street photography has never been my strength, but in the past few months I started to go out on my bicycle and revisited places where I usually scout for pictures. My idea of street photography develops in portraying landscapes at short scale which can be satisfying for my eye and at the same time help me rediscover where I live. 

Featured Image for my article

5 Frames on Ilford SFX 200, Fuji TX-1 and PC-Nikkor 35mm lens – by Noel Roque

I recently had a fun morning at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles trying out a roll of Ilford SFX 200. This film is sensitive to infrared light. I used an R72 IR filter for some frames and a Red25 filter for other shots to enhance contrast. This was also a good time to try out the PC-Nikkor 35mm Perspective Control lens adapted to my Fuji TX-1 (aka Hasselblad XPan).

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