Ilford XP2

Rollei 35S

5 Frames with Rollei 35S and Ilford XP2 – Bike Trips Around Singapore – By Tsang Tsang

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we work and play. I picked up shooting film again last year after a 20+ years of hiatus. I stumbled across the 35mmc website and was inspired by the articles here where hobbyists shared their experience in shooting different cameras with different films. What caught my interest were the articles on the Rollei 35 family of cameras, a tiny camera is much more than the point and shoot cameras of the late 80’s and 90’s. I was able to purchase a good condition Rollei 35S last year and have been learning about zone focus shooting. The size of this camera makes it a perfect companion for travel.

Panorama Wide Pic

Toy Camera Share Project – The First Three Photographers – By Holly Gilman

About a year ago I posted a review of the Panorama Wide Pic. A toy camera that I was planning on sending around the UK for others to shoot and share results.I’ve been meaning to post an update with some of the results since Spring 2021! Better late than never eh? A big thank you to the participants who have sent through images and text to be used in this article.

Lomo Lca on beach

5 Frames with a Lomo LC-A & Ilford XP2 – Athens in the run up to lock-down – By Mark Harrison

Before the COVID-19 lock-down in the UK, I spent a week in Athens at the start of March 2020.

Unsure of the heightened conditions of the airport security, I opted to take my Lomo LCA with a few rolls of Ilford XP2 Super. I’ve used this camera for the last 10 years on trips to various countries around the world as it’s simple, light-weight and I like the intense smell of oil when I use it.

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