Industar 61

5 frames with an Industar-61 L/D 55mm f/2.8 – By Dan Dodd

I had just bought my first rangefinder lens, an uncommon Japanese one from the fifties. The long wait until it would pass the German bureaucratic nightmare that is the Zollamt (customs office) had begun. Not 10 minutes had passed until I remembered reading about the Industar-61 L/D a few weeks previously. There was one for sale locally at a fraction of the price of what I had just spent.

Fed 4 Rangefinder

5 Frames With A Fed 4 Russian Rangefinder – By Julian Higgs

This Fed 4 Rangefinder camera came into and out of my collection almost silently. My wife and I had travelled to Gloucestershire to visit family and took a walk into the lovely town of Nailsworth for lunch and a mooch. There are a number of up-cycle/charity shops there, which have now become places I visit looking for bargain books or camera gear… one day I’ll find that elusive, bargain Leica! 😉

Fed4 & Industar И-61 lens review – Back in the USSR – by Howard Hurd

Early experiences with Soviet cameras left a lasting impression. I have always wondered what I would think if I used these cameras again today, after more years of experience in using cameras of all types.

Recently I had the chance to find out, as I came across a Fed4 in a local secondhand store at a good price. It was in nice condition, with a clear lens, and in its original brown leather case.

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