5 Frames with a FED 5B with Industar 61 L/D by Mark

A set of five images in Barcelona taken with a FED 5B camera with Industar 61 L/D on HP5+. The camera and lens were bought at a local flea market for less than the price of two rolls of film. Unfortunately, the shutter cloth is deteriorating and the faded and miscalibrated rangefinder patch is best avoided, so the camera has seen only a couple of films. The lens needed some home repair and cleaning to remove dried grease on the focusing helicoid, but gives excellent results and is easily comparable to vintage Leica glass costing orders of magnitude more.

Early morning Barcelona is excellent for strongly backlit images, and HP5 is very forgiving of any exposure inaccuracies. However, you have to be careful not to burn the shutter curtains when shooting in to the low sun.

I have a somewhat random personal photo blog at https://transienteye.com

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4 thoughts on “5 Frames with a FED 5B with Industar 61 L/D by Mark”

  1. I own the same model. I have cla the lens and calibrated the range finder, both operations are a easy tasks and several information how to do it can be found online. The issue that I didn’t fixed yet is the occasional double winding of the film, this name me wasting many precious photograms

  2. Excellent set of pictures Mark. To counter George’s comment above, I think what you’ve shown it’s not about the camera but what counts more than that, the person behind the camera. Unfortunately most Leica cameras remain in their display cabinets. Keep photography real Mark.

    1. Leica would require lots of words perhaps, opinions or reflexions. They undoubtly make good lenses and devices. Rather frequently is thought as a quality paradigm. That’s a bit what my comment was about… regarding that specific lens it lacks the “olympic definition” a Leica lens is supposed rendering. I love the imperfections some other cameras could offer though.

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