Instax Film

That time I shot Instax film in a Mamiya 6, upside-down – By Gilbert Townshend

I have over the past five years developed either passion or an obsession for instant films, depending on who you should choose to ask. Growing up just on the cusp of the digital imaging revolution I remember quite a lot people shooting on film as I grew up but somehow Polaroid passed me by almost entirely. There’s a teenage shot of me shaking my head but that’s about it. By the time I reached university I ended up shooting a couple of packs of the now sadly demised FP-100b/c as proofing material but never got that excited by it, it was just something that was there until it wasn’t.

Maminstax in the wild

A Mamiya 67 instant camera, or: Creating the Maminstax – By Victor Doroshenko

The first time I saw Mamiya RB67, it was love at first sight. It was a chance coincidence that we met at all, on the net, as usual, without seeing each other in person. And, as the nice aluminium Mamiya case, filled with the body, two backs, prism and waist level finders and the 90, 127, 180, and 360 lenses arrived to my door, I was impressed just a bit less than the postman who brought the parcel.

An Instax Project And A Framing Challenge – by Aukje

Two years ago I changed jobs to be able to work closer to home, allowing me to bike to work, and combine commuting with photography. Or at least it gave me more flexibility, with two cameras in a handlebar bag for easy accessibility: a digital M and an instax camera. Part of my commute is a rather picturesque road along a canal lined with trees. I chose this road for a year-long project in 2017, where I made a photo every workday-morning from the same spot with my instax camera.

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