Vintage Lenses in Cinema vs. Photography – Finding that “Secret Source”

Not so long ago, Kosmo Foto reported on the fact that the latest Zack Snyder film, ‘Army of the Dead’ had been entirely shot with Canon 50mm 0.95 “dream” lenses. Reading that article triggered something in my memory. Sometime in 2019 I travelled down to London to catch up with Alex Nelson from Zero Optik. He was over from California for an event, and after becoming pally through chatting on instagram we had decided to take the opportunity to meet up.

A Conversation between Film Soupers Amy Berge and Jen Stamps – By Holly Gilman

In this article I have the absolute pleasure of talking to Amy Berge and Jen Stamps. I discovered both of these photographers whilst researching the idea of souping film as they have each written articles for Shoot It With Film on the topic (and more besides!). When I reached out to each of them for advice they were so generous with their time and knowledge and, once again, they’ve given me their time whilst I, very self-indulgently, ask them questions about their practice.

A Lifetime of Photography – An Interview with Gerard Exupery

Gerard Exupery has been writing articles for 35mmc for a little over 6 months now. They are some of the least conventional articles that I publish, but almost universally seem to be appreciated by readers. He’s now in the process of putting together his second self-published book which his is looking to crowdfund soon. In the run up to that – and in a bid to help to him promote it – rather than just let him ramble on in the way he usually does, I thought it might be interesting to ask him a few questions about his background, his work, and why he does what he does. The following is a slightly edited transcription of an email conversation we had to that effect:

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