Fuji X100 – Kolari Vision Full Spectrum Modified – First Impressions

You remember that time we were able to go and do what we wanted? Yeah, I know it was only a few weeks ago… well, just before things got really weird, we had some really significant flooding in Worcester. The river burst its banks, and for weeks it didn’t return to normal levels. Of course, this isn’t the first time the river has flooded, and it won’t be the last. I’ve photographed it before too. But never with a full spectrum modified and Fuji X100 and Kolari IRChrome filter.

Kolari Pocket with IRChrome Filter

Kolari Pocket & IRChrome Filter Review – Digital Aerochrome in a Tiny Package!

I suspect a large percentage of us film photographers will have heard of Kodak Aerochrome. It’s that film that renders foliage red/purple, costs an absolute fortune and is rare as hen’s teeth. What we might be less aware of in our analogue-bubble is Kolari Vision, a company who has managed to create the ‘IRChrome’ lens filter that when mounted on a full spectrum converted digital camera emulates the look of Aerochrome with only a need for basic post-processing.

Sound interesting? It certainly did to me! So I got in touch with Kolari to see if they would be interested in me reviewing their entry-level (gateway drug) ‘Kolari Pocket’ camera.

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