Kentmere Film

Zenit TTL and it's victim.

5 Frames with a Zenit TTL on the top of a Welsh Valley in -5 Degrees C – By Toby Van De Velde

I bought a job lot of cameras well over a year ago. Long before COVID19 was even a thing. I was mostly interested in the FD mount lenses to use with my Canon AT-1, and, to be honest, most of the glass had fungus issues so I just chucked the whole lot into the back of my camera cupboard and forgot all about it.

Just recently, after hearing about the Crappy Commie Camera Party on Twitter, I dragged the box back out again and decided that I’d have a go shooting the Zenit TTL and Helios-44M f2 58mm lens that had been a part of the bargain. I had heard ‘Bad Things’ about these cameras, and decided to see what the fuss was about.

5 Frames with Kentmere 400 – by Simon King

Now that I’m very comfortable with my film workflow I’ve been looking for a way to switch things up for the probable majority of my images in London, whilst still maintaining consistency throughout. I’ve shot most of the “popular” film stocks in both black and white and colour, and now want something a little cheaper to maybe even bulk load into rolls, which I can use confidently every day. This will allow me to feel a little freer than I do with not only the quantity of images I make, but also the content and style of those images.

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