Kodak ColorPlus 200

The Whole Roll – Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 and Kodak Colorplus 200- By Royce

I always had dreams and ambitions of being a great photographer, like a short bearded heavy metal loving and badass motorcycle hooligan Aussie version of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Yep, I’ve always had tickets on myself. I figured that slinging an old camera around my neck and loading it with some classy film would automatically turn me into Magnum material. Well not really. I realised very early on in my photographic journey that I like owning shoes, eating food, sleeping in a bed and living in a house.

Olympus OM20, Tokina 80-200mm zoom, Raynox DCR150

5 Frames of Close-up and Macro with an Olympus OM20, a Tokina 80-200 zoom and a Raynox DCR150 – By Richard Patterson

The background to this story is that I bought an Olympus OM20 when they came out back in 1983, together with the 50mm kit lens. Over the next few years I added a Tokina 28mm and then an 80-200mm zoom. This gear served me well over many years, but about 2002, when small and light digital P&S cameras became affordable, they seemed much more practical. So I got one and the OM20 got used less and less, eventually being consigned to the back of a drawer.

Dacora Dignette – The Story of a old Colleague’s Camera – By Jordi Fradera

On November 7, 1964 Conxita and Josep got married. You will see that, according to the typical professional studio photo of that time, they made a good couple and, of course, they continue to do so.

At that time I did not know them. It was in 1973 when I started working as an Engineer in the company where Josep had been Head of Workshop for years. We shared the stage for more than 25 years and except for minor work discrepancies, the relationship was good. Sometimes we told each other family anecdotes and this is how I learned about his wife Conxita, his son Albert, his parents and their hometown of Artesa de Segre (Lleida) – a place I had visited on several occasions.

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