Kodak Portra 160

Mission, Distraction, Epiphany in 5 Frames, featuring a Zeiss Ikon Contessa and Portra 160 – By Martin Misiak

My daily driver for the last 6 months or so is a 1950 Plymouth with a bit of a gallop. I learned that one of the wheels was warped. Finding a replacement stock wheel for a 72 year old car is apparently about as hard as it sounds. 

There was a dilapidated old garage in central Florida near the nexus of some railroads and other industrial flotsam that looked promising for my purpose, though. It was a squat, stained, cinder-block building from the 30’s that sat shaded among the Spanish-moss-draped live oaks. There were several old cars in varying states of disrepair scattered on the property.

5 Frames with a Contax G2, Zeiss Biogon 2.8 / 21 and Portra 160 – Images of a Monster – By Bill Brown — by William Brown

I was driving back to my home in a suburb of north Ft. Worth, Texas when I spotted a monster. I’ve never had the opportunity to be this close to such a creature but I didn’t want to let this opportunity get past me. I was returning from a failed photo hunt at sunrise in Dallas, Texas. The weather was so overcast the skyline was barely visible but I managed to get a shot off of a beaver swimming by me. I was packing a big gun, a Noblex Pro 6/150U. After taking a few token shots I decided I was just wasting ammo so I packed up and headed back home.

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