Kodak Portra 160

Mission, Distraction, Epiphany in 5 Frames, featuring a Zeiss Ikon Contessa and Portra 160 – By Martin Misiak

My daily driver for the last 6 months or so is a 1950 Plymouth with a bit of a gallop. I learned that one of the wheels was warped. Finding a replacement stock wheel for a 72 year old car is apparently about as hard as it sounds. 

There was a dilapidated old garage in central Florida near the nexus of some railroads and other industrial flotsam that looked promising for my purpose, though. It was a squat, stained, cinder-block building from the 30’s that sat shaded among the Spanish-moss-draped live oaks. There were several old cars in varying states of disrepair scattered on the property.

5 Frames with a Contax G2, Zeiss Biogon 2.8 / 21 and Portra 160 – Images of a Monster – By Bill Brown — by William Brown

I was driving back to my home in a suburb of north Ft. Worth, Texas when I spotted a monster. I’ve never had the opportunity to be this close to such a creature but I didn’t want to let this opportunity get past me. I was returning from a failed photo hunt at sunrise in Dallas, Texas. The weather was so overcast the skyline was barely visible but I managed to get a shot off of a beaver swimming by me. I was packing a big gun, a Noblex Pro 6/150U. After taking a few token shots I decided I was just wasting ammo so I packed up and headed back home.

5 Frames in the Rain – Portra 160 in a Nikonos III – by David Hume

The day I made these shots I was woken up by surreal yellow light coming through the window of the shack.

We’ve stayed at this beach each summer for thirty or more years and I’d never seen this before. The sun had snuck over the hills and hit some God clouds and rain and bounced back towards us. At first I seriously thought something was wrong until I worked out what was going on. Of course I grabbed a camera but I was not really prepared – my Nikon F2 wasn’t loaded so I made a couple of frames on my daughter’s FE but I thought I’d missed the opportunity. Sure enough, by the time I’d put a film in the F2 the light had passed.

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