Konica Auto S3

Konica Auto S3

Konica Auto S3 – Small and Perfectly Formed – By Bob Janes

Coinciding with their centenary in the early 70s, Konica fused two of their camera lines together. Since 1968 they had made a compact rangefinder camera called the C35. They had also made a series of fast fixed lens rangefinders in the ‘Auto S’ series. Now they produced a camera with the body of the C35 and the lens of the Auto S cameras. This was known as the C35 FD in Japan and the Konica Auto S3 elsewhere. The Auto S3 was finished in black anodised aluminium, while the C35 FD had a plain anodised finish

Fixing Vertical Rangefinder Misalignment in Compact Rangefinder Cameras – By Bob Janes

Those who shoot rangefinder cameras on a regular basis are probably aware of (they may even feel plagued by) vertical rangefinder misalignment.

A camera rangefinder works by superimposing a (generally central) patch reflected from a position slightly to the side of the viewfinder into the direct vision viewfinder. When the calibrated rangefinder shows that both images coincide horizontally, we know the object in the patch is in focus. All quite practical, but there can be issues.

Konica Auto S3

Konica Auto S3 – A Tale of Woe and finding My White Whale – – By Hendrik Teron

Not unlike that all too prolific tale of Captain Ahab chasing down the elusive white-whale, I found myself chasing down the Konica Auto S3, and boy did it end up being an interesting pursuit…

At the outset, I should note that I honestly can no longer fully recall how I came across the Konica Auto S3 as being ‘the one’ for me. I suppose it might have had something to do with a wonderful article by Mike Caputo I read on this very platform some time ago.

5 frames with a Konica Auto S3 (And a tiny bit of a Tbilisi travelogue) – By Linda Terstad

Oh, the sweet joy and mild anguish of packing cameras for a trip when you used to have GAS and therefore now have something of a collection. I quite enjoy it, but I do spend a sometimes-embarrassing amount of time thinking about what camera (and film) to bring on a certain trip. There really is no perfect camera to me, rather, I appreciate different things about different cameras – and would happily cherry-pick their best features and make my own imaginary super-camera. A girl can dream. But surely anything over 3 cameras is a bit over the top for one week in Tbilisi? To me, it is. I even like the idea of owning and using only one camera, but I guess that’s just not me.

5 Frames With A Konica Auto S3 – By Marcus Harris

With Brexit heading into overdrive and blessing the news cycle with round-the-clock developments and a couple of nights out in Leeds and Manchester on the cards, myself and three mates decided to hire a car and have a route around the north of England to get to know the country that we love and have spent our lives in but also know next to nothing about.

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