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Konica Big Mini F

Konica Big Mini F Review – Is It As Good As It Looks? – By Thang Nguyen

The Konica Big Mini series is a premium line-up from Konica. These cameras are known for their sleek design while still being decent performers. The last of the line-up was the Konica Big Mini F. As the name suggests, the Big Mini F has a wider aperture of f2.8 compared to f3.5 of its predecessors. The Big Mini F also has an aluminum front shell unlike plastic constructions seen on previous models. Despite its reputation, the Big Minis don’t get talked about very much.

Konica Hexar AF

Konica Hexar AF – A Love Letter – By Ong Sien Hong

Dear Konica Hexar AF, many have penned their thoughts on you, loved and parted with you. I am writing you this letter because I know you deserved more.First came to know you through Kai’s video on Youtube many years ago when you went against the photography giant (then) Leica M9, and you stood your ground. You, like David versus Goliath, fought and produced images worthy of a camera that cost many times your perceived value.

Konica Z-up 100w

Konica Z-up 100w compact review – by Charles Higham

This is a Konica Z-up 100w. Don’t be surprised if you’ve not seen one before; I hadn’t when I bought it for a few pounds. It’s a 35mm film compact with a 28-100mm zoom lens and multi-zone auto-focus. Possibly made in the early 1990s, there’s virtually no trace of it on the internet. Nobody seems to have reviewed or commented on it, perhaps because there aren’t many around, or maybe it’s so forgettable it’s not worth the effort. However, I did find a photo on flickr of the camera helpfully resting on a couple of pages of the instruction manual and I could read the main specifications.

I was particularly interested in the Konica AA-35 Reporter

Konica AA-35 Reporter Review – By John Furlong

I’ve always been attracted to the half-frame format and have examples of the Russian variants and the Canon and Olympus models. I was particularly interested in the Konica AA-35 due to its very compact format – truly ‘pocketable’ Measuring 112.5mm x 77mm x 30mm (4.4” x 3” x 1.2”) and weighing about 300gm with its 2 AA batteries, it compares very favourably with many of its analogue brethren – not to mention some digital P&S cameras.

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