Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow

Fresh Soft Cheese

A Little Trip to Borough Market with a Contax G2 – Part 1 – Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow 400 – By Joe Curzon

This article forms part 1 of 2. With this part focusing on Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow 400 and part two with a different film stock.

As a hobbyist, I find with film photography I currently have two modes of taking photos. One where I have a camera in my bag and slowly use up the film taking snaps interesting things I find while out and about. Then the other mode where I’ll set out to an interesting place and take as many photos as I can.

This time around I was keen to venture out and use a whole roll or two of film up. Living in London means there’s no shortage of interesting places to go to. Almost at random I felt Borough Market was worth a try not just for the photography but also for the food!

Olympus XA loaded with Agent Shadow

5 frames with an Olympus XA and Agent Shadow Film – By Shaun Edwards

I fell out of photography a number of years ago with work and family life getting in the way. I used to be a professional photographer and I found that what sells wasn’t always what I enjoyed capturing so that compounded my move away. So I sold off most of the photographic equipment partly down to moving house but also the guilt of seeing money tied up in gear that wasn’t being used.

Kosmo Foto ‘Agent Shadow’ Launches On Kickstarter

Kosmo Foto have just launched their new film ‘Agent Shadow’ on Kickstarter. Agent Shadow is a 35mm black and white panchromatic film with a box speed of 400 ISO but can be rated to at least 3200 ISO! It boasts a wide exposure latitude and good shadow detail retention with Kosmo suggesting it’s perfect for street, documentary, and travel work.

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