Kosmo Foto ‘Agent Shadow’ Launches On Kickstarter

Kosmo Foto have just launched their new film ‘Agent Shadow’ on Kickstarter. Agent Shadow is a 35mm black and white panchromatic film with a box speed of 400 ISO but can be rated to at least 3200 ISO! It boasts a wide exposure latitude and good shadow detail retention with Kosmo suggesting it’s perfect for street, documentary, and travel work.

Back in 2017 UK based Stephen Dowling, the man behind Kosmo Foto launched his first 35mm film ‘Mono’, with 120 following in 2019. Fast forward to 2021 and Mono has sold ~50000 rolls worldwide. Kosmo has now expanded their product line with this new film available as a Kickstarter, jam-packed with mystique and some awesome branding to go with it!

Taken by Stephen Dowling,  this was shot at 6400ISO and I think it handles grain spectacularly well given it was rated that high.
Taken by Starla Little
Taken by Anthony Rue

Agent Shadow is being launched with a special collector’s briefcase box which also includes five rolls of film and a graphic novella – ‘The 36 Frames’ – featuring the enigmatic Agent Shadow character in a desperate mission across a nighttime city. I think it’s fair to say, there’s never been a film launch quite like it.

The Kickstarter campaign has just gone live and will be running till Tuesday, July 20th. If you’re fixing for one of the special collector’s briefcase box it will set you back a very modest £45 but if you want to back for four rolls of Agent Shadow it will only cost you £23, a steal by today’s film prices!

Some words from Stephen on the new film:

“Ever since the launch of Mono back in 2017, I’ve wanted to bring a higher-ISO black-and-white film into the Kosmo Foto stable of films. This is a fantastic, flexible film which can be pushed up to 6400 and still produce wonderful detail, contrast and atmospheric grain.

“Launching the film via Kickstarter has allowed Kosmo Foto to be a little more ambitious with this launch – as far as we know, no film company has ever launched a film with an accompanying graphic novella.” 

The film is initially available through Kickstarter but will come to retailers at some point this year!

You can check out the Kickstarter here

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3 thoughts on “Kosmo Foto ‘Agent Shadow’ Launches On Kickstarter”

  1. David Ronnebaum

    Making sure I understand; the first image, the man in the hat, was that photo developed via push processing? Or just metered to 6400 EI and developed normally? This seems like a very useful film to keep in one’s bag.

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