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Kodak P3200 & Happiness found in my (lazy) Hybrid 35mm Workflow

A little while ago I loaded a roll of Kodak P3200 into my Leica M4-P and proceeded to shoot a few frames one evening down the pub. I then forgot I’d loaded P3200 and thought I’d loaded a roll of Ilford HP5+. Now, at this stage I should probably tell you that I treat HP5+ like crap. I often shoot it lackadaisically between EI400 and 1600 and then have it pushed a couple of stops by a lab. I like the flexibility this approach gives me, and find the resultant negatives perfectly usable within my workflow. This lackadaisical approach was how was how I accidentally shot a large chunk of the rest of the roll of P3200. It could have been a disaster, but as it turns out P3200 is also forgiving enough to deal with my slapdash approach to exposure… so, I thought I’d pen a little post showing how well the results came out via a little tour of my 35mm workflow.

Noritsu LS-1100

Noritsu LS-1100 – The Move to Home Scanning / Early experiences with a 35mm Film Lab Scanner

I’ve had my Noritsu LS-1100 for nearly a year, yet after all this time I’m only just beginning to scan with it. To say it’s been a bit of a rocky road would be an understatement! But, now I have it working, and I’m just beginning to get an idea of the potential this thing has… well, it’s safe to say, I think it’s been worth it!

Discovering the professional scan – Guest post by Frank Lehnen

First let me get something out of my system: Film should be wet printed! Yeah, and I should be really rich and the whole world should be at peace. Problem is, I don’t have the space and the time needed to wet print, so this is out of the equation.

Then there’s your local friendly photo lab. As much as I am for keeping local businesses in… business, I am definitely not happy with their prints, at least black and white prints.

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