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Leica rather missed the boat when digital came along so of course I’m talking about the best film Leica. And no, its not another “the M3 is the best camera ever made” review. But to begin, a bit of background.

My first ‘camera’ was a 4×5 I made with my father’s help, and a loaned lens from my uncle who worked at Taylor Hobson in Leicester, UK. The wooden box camera used glass plate negatives – remember those? Focusing was hit and miss, manually sliding the fat projector lens in and out until infinity seemed as good as it could get – then stopping down with a cardboard cut-out sleeve over the lens. I was a teenager and was making the camera for a single purpose – to photograph a comet which was easily visible stretching across the sky.

At the Machine Boneyard: 10 Frames of Scrap Metal – by Christian Schroeder

Before I come to the actual topic of this post, the machine boneyard, allow me a short excursion.

During these Corona days, I have developed a ritual. As soon as the evening approaches, I am sitting in my armchair, looking out the window of my living room and watch the sun setting. Close to my house stands a fairly large administration building. On clear days, which we got lots of recently, the otherwise white facade explodes in an orange fire. Alpenglow right in my neighborhood. As the days go by, the hornbeams outside are showing some light green fluff. April has begun and, therewith, spring has arrived.

Leica MP (Another) Review – by Adam Laws

Let’s get this out of the way straight away – It’s hard to recommend the Leica MP in what might seem a rational way. It’s an emotive choice compared to it’s analogue M-system compatriots. The M6 can be purchased at half the price and is just as capable. The M7 offers a more “advanced” package allowing for AE, and the M3, the camera which inspired the MP is equipped with a higher magnification view finder, a larger rangefinder base length and has a comparative brass construction.

Leica MP

Leica MP review & some wider thoughts on “the ultimate tool”

The Leica MP is touted as “the ultimate tool”. Admittedly, my perspective might be influenced by the contrarian in me, but I’ve long been quite sceptical – it’s the most expensive full production Leica film camera, but just how good could it possibly be compared to the others?? Until recently, the Leica MP was actually the only full-production Leica M film camera I hadn’t shot with. So when Des (all round good bloke and follower of 35mmc) decided he’d be happy to loan me his MP, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss!

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